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Welcome to the Builder Of Excellence Television show featuring


Dear Valued Trade Partners,


RMC Building is honored to have been chosen as the featured builder for the Builder of Excellence television show in 2022/2023.  The television show is designed to honor homebuilders and their vendors who exemplify the best building practices and products through distinctive design and fine craftsmanship. As a team, I know we all embrace these concepts to inspire the quality homes we build.

This 30-minute profile will feature the interiors and exteriors of our homes, as well as your products, craftsmanship and services that go into the construction of each home. The show will also feature video interviews with homeowners and vendors. Best of all, it will be aired on network television for up to 4 times in our New Orleans TV market.


Because you are among our most talented trade partners and part of our valuable team, we are asking your company to be a part of this important project by purchasing a commercial that will showcase your company, products, quality, and service. In addition, your commercial will bring your marketing efforts to the next level by providing your company with professional video content to target thousands of potential buyers in your local market.


The Builder of Excellence Sales Manager Sandy Barrett Brown will be contacting you by phone to set up a brief, 15 minute meeting to further discuss our project. She will be in New Orleans the week of October 23rd. Please give her a few minutes of your time to discuss this important project.


We hope we can count on your support!


Ray and JeanneMarie Chatagnier

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