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Welcome to the Builder Of Excellence Television Show 

PCDI Homes is honored to be chosen as the Builder of Excellence in the Kansas City Metro area for 2022!


Builder of Excellence produces a 30-minute television show designed to showcase home builders and their vendors who exemplify the best in building practices and products through distinctive design quality materials; concepts we both embrace. Our Builder of Excellence television show will be aired on the weekends of the Artisan Home Tour in June and will increase our traffic immeasurably enabling your products and services to be seen by a vast audience!


As part of our incredible team, we are reaching out to ask you to be a part of this project by purchasing a commercial to showcase your company, products, craftsmanship, and service. Your commercial will also add to your own marketing efforts by providing your company with professional video content to target thousands of potential buyers in our local market.


The Builder of Excellence Sales Director, Sandy Brown, will be contacting you personally to discuss this project. We would appreciate it if you would give her a few minutes of your time.


The time of this exciting opportunity is unique so I hope we can count on your support!

Feel free to call Sarah or myself with an questions.

Pete and Sarah

PCDI Homes

Boe Logo.png

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