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Hi America!


It was a pleasure to connect with you this morning. The 50th anniversary of Discover Vision Centers is quite a milestone and we would like to help you create a television show commemorating such an achievement. As we discussed, our Builder of Excellence Television show would be the concept we recommend for Discover's Vision of Excellence! Our 30 minute show would feature the company, your history, your services, your doctors would be aired up to 4 times on one of our local KC networks. The show would be produced at no cost to you, as we would sell commercials, 60 and 30 second spots to those vendors whose products and services are used by Discover. The success of this partnership is usually based on dollars you spend with individual vendors. This show would create content for you to use as you choose, whether it be commercials, web videos, or sales tools for recruitment etc. The completed show is your property to use as you choose! We would be creating the dollars necessary for all these pieces through the sale and production of the commercials to your vendors.


We want to tell the Discovery story. From its beginning 50 years ago,  to the 10 different services... to the professional staff of over 30 doctors and OD's and your vision for the future.


Next steps:


Agree on a base price for what we both feel will work well for Discovery. Amount of times the show will be aired, whether you want more than one episode, and other options that you may have in mind. Agree on a shortfall if that should happen.


Create an agreement mutually agreeable to both parties


Provide us with a list of your largest vendors, company name, contact, email, phone number for us to speak to about supporting such an exciting endeavour.


The creative part would be the second phase after we see what financial support we have been able to raise. We would work together creating content and telling the compelling story of Discover Vision Centers.


I hope this will serve as a beginning dialogue regarding our VISION OF EXCELLENCE TELEVISION SHOW PRESENTING DISCOVERY VISION CENTER




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