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Are you a Builder of Excellence?

Do you dream of creating not just structures, but masterpieces? Do you strive to have a reputation as a builder who always will go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction? It's about more than laying bricks and mortar. It's a commitment to exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and exceeding expectations.


Here's what sets Builders of Excellence apart:

  • Unwavering Dedication to Quality: Every detail matters. From meticulous planning to flawless execution, Builders of Excellence ensure your project is built to last.

  • Masters of Efficiency: Time is money, and Builders of Excellence respect both. They deliver projects on schedule and within budget, keeping your dream on track.

  • Unmatched Customer Focus: Builders of Excellence understand this is your vision. They prioritize clear communication and collaboration, ensuring your needs are not just met, but surpassed.


Ready to join the ranks of the elite? As a seasoned builder, the path to excellence is within reach and with your own 30 minute network television profile you can get there! We offer a variety of resources to help you build your skills, refine your process, and become the Builder of Excellence you were meant to be.

Elevate your craft. Build with confidence. Become a Builder of Excellence!

Marble Surface


Television and Cabinet
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Video Personality

Network Television Shows
and Digital Marketing

Commercial sales to trade partners 

Video Production

How It Works

Our Process

  • Builder of Excellence creates a custom produced, 30 minute television show exclusively for your business at no cost to you!  We sell commercials to your trade partners, thus creating the revenue for the entire show. Your Builder of Excellence show will air for up to four consecutive weeks on a station in your local market as paid programming. After that, the video lives on your company website and other digital platforms.


  • The team at Builder of Excellence handles everything from sales to final production. We film and write all the commercials or they are provided by national manufacturers. We send a video crew to your city to create your in-depth profile. The footage we gather can include the builder's office, model homes, previously built homes, homes under construction, and client testimonials.


  • Our creative and professional team of storytellers, videographers, and editors can tell your company story and deliver the most effective marketing tool available today!


Now is the time to bring your marketing efforts to the next level by becoming the exclusive Builder of Excellence in your community.

  • With our thirty years of experience, our team has the know-how to expand your market share.


  • Each of your participating team members will have their own copy of their commercial for use on their website, digital platforms, or in their showroom.


Learn more about our program and hear from some builders about their experience as a Builder of Excellence

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Video Samples

Sample Videos

Precision Builders of Louisiana
TAG Homes, Inc   Final
Edwards Smith
BTN Hamilton Homes
Classic Homes
Las Vegas Builders Of Excellence
Ventura Master Final Draft CC
Sponsorship Partners

Sponsorship Partner Samples



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For any inquiries, questions, please call: 512-667-2616 or fill out the following form.

Main Office

4701 Monterey Oaks Blvd. #1111


Tel: 512-667-2616

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